This  is a set of 120x150cm drawings, created within 10 days
during the residency at the "Abu-Dhabi Art Hub" in United Arab Emirates in 2015. 
 The residency was one month long, the other 20 days I was trying to understand the specificity of the place. 
These are proposals for super-large scale objects that magnify certain forces in nature. 
One proposal is for watching the Sun circling in the sky.   A viewer would be located in a dark space and would only see a fine sunbeam moving on the opposite wall.  
In two drawings I focus on listening devices with whom one could hear finest sounds of the desert.
There is one proposal for the object for isolating oneself from the daily noise and observation of the colors of the sky.

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Plywood, acrylic, markers, pencils.
150 x 120 cm each 

2008 (c) | veido&uztur Millenium IT