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Summer, Fall, Winter 2017/18

Building an artwork to show in 2018.  Planning to have an ambitious project. 

Starting point - the forgotten church I found in the forest. 



June - July, 2017

Due to proposals from several cities "To My Homeland" goes on tour.  

First stop: Gulbene City Museum  



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 May 4, 2017

The Speaker of the Parliament, the President of the Bank of Latvia unveiled the new EURO coin of my design in a special ceremony.



 February-April, 2017

"To My Homeland" is on display at the National Art Museum of Latvia 




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Late January, 2017

Artwork is arriving at the National Art Museum of Latvia for "Purvitis Prize" exhibition. 


 December 20, 2016 

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"To My Homeland"




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 December 10, 2016

It has been announced that I am selected as a finalist to the "Purvitis Award", the most prestigious award in Latvia in visual arts.

Link to the news: 

My exhibition from "Alma" will travel directly to The Latvian National Museum of Art. 


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 November, 2016 - January 2017

Solo Show at Gallery "Alma". 


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 September, 2016

After 8 months of intensive work,  Saulkrasti Nature and Design Park is open.  I am an author of the concept and 5 artworks that are installed there.   


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 September, 2016

Euro coin "National Entrepreneurship" that I modelled, is released.

Sold out within 3 hours.  



 August, 2016

I won another competition by the Bank of Latvia for the silver collectors "5 EURO" coin. 

It will be dedicated to the Congress of Latgale where for the first time the idea of our unified country was announced.  


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 June, 2016


Very proud to be a speaker at TEDx talk!  Riga edition.  


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 June, 2016

My first book with illustrations is published. It's in a "Bikibuks" series where I illustrated a poem by Janis Sirmbardis.  

Link: Publisher "Liels&mazs" 


  April, 2016 

Working on a model for new collectors 5 EURO coin. Planned release: fall 2016.  Theme - National Entrepeneurship. Author of graphic design: Paulis Liepa.

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 February 18., 2016

Link: Art Agenda features an article on "Lost in the Archive".

 My work in the images. 


  February, 2016 

International Show "Lost in the Archive" at Riga Art Space Large Exhibition Hall. 

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 June, 2015

My 5 EURO coin is released. I am the author of the model and of the Averse design 


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 March, April, 2015

Artist residency in United Arab Emirates "Abu Dhabi Art Hub" with other fellow Latvian artists

Andris Vitolins, Sandra Krastina, Ritums Ivanovs, Vineta Kaulaca and Reinis Hofmanis 

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November, 2014 - January 2015

New work "Listen to the Angels Singing" is exhibited in La Louvierre, Belgium, in front of the museum.

Image: construction in studio with Janis Zvirgzds


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 November, 2014 - January 2015

Two works from the series of listening devices are on display in the large show

"The Perspective of the Solar System". 

"Arsenals" exhibition hall.

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 August, 2014

My Cabinet of Folklore goes to the National Library for its opening after 10 years in construction !




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 July, 2014

I won the competition by the Bank of Latvia for my second EURO coin.

Modelling it in my studio.  Love to work on it.


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 June, 2014

"Cabinet of Folklore" is exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, London.

Saatchi includes an image of my piece in a section of the "START ART FAIR" website

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March 5, 2014

It took 5 hours for my EURO coin to be sold out. 

People started queuing in the line at 5 a.m. and by noon cashier's offices were empty.



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February 2014

My 5 EURO silver coin has arrived from the

Royal Dutch Mint where it was made. 

Everything is perfect! So many hours put into it...



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