Solo Show at the Alma Gallery  

"Based On True Stories" , 2011   



"My Neighbor Sirmbardis"


 Watch parts, wood, nylon line, plywod, spray paint, cd player, speakers. Sound loop 3:25 min.

 2010 – 2011





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 Listen, my neighbor Sirmbardis told me once, do you know of anyone who could be interested into a collection of old watches? I  shrug my shoulders wondering how on Earth he had acquired them.

It appeared that Sirmbardis, my neighbor in the country side – a worker at the collective farm during the Soviet times for many years at home had worked also as a watch repair man.

The most amazing thing was that he had only three full fingers left, most likely due to the alcohol related accidents at work.



"Viktors, However..."

Stodent, spray paint, plywood, lights



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" Temptation of the Riga City Councilman Smits"

Stodent, spray paint, plywood, velvet, lights.

75 x 45 x 40 cm (30" x 18" x 16") 


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 LETA News Agency, December 9. 2009
 While estimating a project of the next year's budget for the department  of education, culture and sports, at the meeting
 of Riga Council  committee of  education, culture and sports, Smits paid attention to the  fact that 1000 lats (~USD 2000)
 are planned to be spent on the  traditional event of the Log Pulling in Riga city old town on December  21st.  
Smits called for the end of „practicing the occultism“ and to divert the  means to other needs, pointing out that Collegium board of the Christian  Parishes
 objected to such a „pagan tradition“ as well.  Councilman pointed out that Latvians have several good traditions but
  the Log Pulling can be considered a „similar tradition to Liv piracy“. 
 „Let’s stop once and for all pursuing pagan traditions and putting a  spell on ourselves“, 
several months ago at the committee meeting said  Smits. Councilman called to give up the Log Pulling because „ by doing  

that we have dragged ourselves to where we are right now“. 



 "Trial Of Herberts Cukurs" 

Stodent, plastic, spray paint, plywood, velvet, lights, print

80 x 45 x 45 cm (31.5" x 18" x 18") 



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 1965 saw killing of one of the most famous men in Latvia – inventor,  constructor, aviator and explorer 
who unparalleled flights to Gambia and  Tokyo during the first independency of Latvia using the plane of his own  construction. 
His achievements are written down into the history book of  world aviation. 
 „Let me speak, let me speak!“ are some of the last words Herberts Cukurs  managed to say before Mossad, the Israeli secret service, 
caried out the  death penalty. He received a hit of the sledgehammer to his head  followed by several bullets into his brain. 
Cukurs was found three days  later in a locked crate. It contained a note, „Those, who never  forget.“ 
 Mossad agents enticed the defendant into a rented house and  waited for him dressed solely in underwear – so that the clothes don’t  get dirty. 
 During the Nazi occupation Cukurs was affiliated with the notorious  Arajs brigade which was involved into mass killing of the Jewish  population.
 He was blamed for taking part in the annihilation of some  30.000 Jews but there are contradictory views 
to what extent these  testimonies are credible.
 There are beliefs that he was one of the most active liquidators along  with beliefs that he has never made a shot.

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